Our games


Polygonous is an addictive and arcade game based on the famous urban legend game, Polybius. But without side effects or nightmares, of course. Destroy the polygons and save the world.

  •   Android


Null Orbital Exception

Null Orbital Exception is a Multiplayer Platform Shooter where you will be able to put yourself in one of numerous Orbital Duels participants place's. Your goal is be the last one survival in a combat without second chances, with another 100 participants and the most savage enemy, the environment and its unpredictable wildlife.

  •   PC
  •   Steam

Mushroom Hero

In the world of mushrooms, the smaller ones are defenseless. You control the mushroom hero and you must save the mushrooms and prevent them from falling down the ravine, while all the enemies try to stop you.

  •   Android

Meet our team

About us

Tactagara Games is an indie development studio composed by great developers. In 2014, we released our first game for Android: Polygonous. Now we are developing our great project, Null Orbital Exception, a multiplayer platform shooter for PC.

The team

Rubén Rimonte

CEO and backend programmer



David Sanchez

2D artist, ilustrator and animator


Victor Sanz

2D Artist, ilustrator and animator


Work in Tactágara Games

If you have talent and want to develop great games with us, we are happy to receive your CV and work together. Check out the positions we currently have open and send us your CV and references, and contact you shortly.

No job openings at the moment.

Do you fit to any of our job offers? Send us your CV to jobs@tactagara.com


If you have any question, or wish contact with us, you can send us a message to contact@tactagara.com

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