The Game
Polygonous is an addictive and arcade game based on the famous urban legend game, Polybius. But without side effects or nightmares, of course.

Destroy the polygons and save the world!

In this game, you control a spaceship that rotates around the screen. You must destroy the colored polygons to pass each level, shooting them with bullets with same color. And avoiding the enemies who will want to protect these polygons.

Your spaceship can change the color to destroy the polygons. To change the color, you must shoot and destroy the enemies with blinking colors. And too, your spaceship will change the color automatically when a polygons is destroyed or when you lose a life.

The game has up to 100 levels to pass.

In some levels you will rotate all things of the screen instead of your spaceship, as the Polybius game. And the last level has a surprise! Can you pass all levels?

You will gain:

  • 1 point for each level you complete.
  • 1 extra life for every 100 enemies defeated.
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"Simple, addictive arcade gameplay"
Rafiq Mandal, IndieGame Magazine
"Un homenaje a Polybius pero sin efectos secundarios"
Yova Turnes, Devuego
"El sucesor de Polybius"
Marcos Lameiro, El Jugón del Móvil
"Un homenaje a Polybius made in Spain"
Big Boss, Hypergame